Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to the VideoGold Club Blog!

Howdy, folks!

If you've landed here, then you're probably here because of VideoGold, America's oldest and most respected adult movie club! We have over 25 years of experience in bringing the finest movies in porndom discreetly to your door. Using professional reviewers to check for quality and content, VideoGold helps narrow down the thousands of new adult DVDs that come out every month to just the best of the best for your selection!

We handle great XXX movies in all of your favorite specialty niches: MILF, girl-girl, XXX features, female solo, black and interracial, exotic, BDSM, Bi, Big Boob, Bubble Butt, Squirting, Oral, Handjobs, and porn parodies -- you name it, we'll carry it!

The club works pretty simply: By joining with our Introductory Offer, you'll get any two movies for just $5.95 each, plus shipping and handling, plus an additional movie of your choice for FREE! Then simply purchase two more DVDs from us any time within the next 12 months! That's it!

Or, you can add a 4th movie to your introductory offer for just $19.95, and only be obligated to purchase ONE additional movie from us over the next 12 months! You may choose your selection from our monthly catalog or online at our website -- we make it easy for you!

After you're a member, you'll start receiving our monthly catalog, packed full of the best new releases available! Each of these has been screened by professional reviewers and are guaranteed to meet our exacting standards. In addition, you'll receive discreetly in the mail every month a copy of our MAIN ATTRACTION DVD -- the flick our reviewers thought was the absolute best of the bunch. We'll let you know ahead of time what it will be, and give you a chance to accept or decline delivery either by mail, by phone or online. If you receive your Main Attraction and don't want it, simply return the unopened DVD to us at no cost before the deadline. Or if you don't decline it or send it back, we'll charge your pre-established credit card for it and you can add it to your collection!

It's that simple! I'll publish more about it over the next few weeks, but that's VideoGold Club in a nutshell!


Ian Ironwood
VideoGold Reviewer